• Exercise your right to grow professionally without being over moderated and observed. 
  • When there is a problem, the whole school pulls together to challenge it rather than people acting in isolation.
  • A good leader values a good rep, they can sort out the issues before they become problems.
  • Work with leaders to help provide possible solutions as part of a school or college vision.
  • Training days for CPD are available where you get chance to improve your skills and employment law knowledge.
  • Provide advice and support and know when to pass to other officers who have different experiences.
  • Attend conferences where national campaigns can be translated into school policy with your support.

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National school/college REPS page here

The NEU will be most successful if there is a rep in every school. If you have no rep or think you might be interested in becoming one please contact us for more information/support-

Contract the District Secretaries for further information:  for Nicola Fitzpatrick for Ayesha Baggley

The NEU have produced an autumn checklist for REPS that you may find useful- NUT reps September checklist

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