Reduce the Workload

What do you get paid in relation to the hours you work?

Use the pay calculator to find out more.

What does the Government and Ofsted say about the everyday tasks you are being asked to complete?

What does the Government and Ofsted say you should do about it?

Working with Young Teachers from our region through the GAIN (Getting Active In NEU) network, Young Teachers from Barnsley and Doncaster have produced these two calculators, that allow you to work out how many additional hours (above your contracted, directed hours) you work per week, per year and what your pay would be per hour based on your contracted hours and on the hours you actually work.

You can download the spreadsheets below. There is a Primary and a Secondary sheet, and the Young Teachers involved are currently working on a calculator for specialist provision as well.

If you are shocked at the results, either at the hours or the pay, and would like to share your results (anonymously, of course), please email them to and we will work to collate and post them on this site.

Workload and pay spreadsheet primary

Workload and pay spreadsheet secondary

Download and read the advisory report as a staff. Get together with your rep and make a bullet point list of all the things that could be reduced or cut out altogether. Be collective and present as a persuasive document to challenge unnecessary tasks.

Did you know at Christmas 2018, Damien Hinds wrote directly to Heads asking them to actively reduce the workload of teachers?

Did you know one of the Ofsted tasks, under the new framework, is to challenge schools on workload?

Damien Hinds quote:

And as a key part of that, I have worked closely with Amanda ahead of the new Ofsted framework to ensure that it has – for the first time – an active focus on reducing teacher workload. This will specifically take into account a school leadership’s approach to workload when a school is inspected. ”

Damien Hinds 10th January 2019