Why a move to MATs is not the answer

We all know that our local authority faces the challenge of continuing to deliver high quality education in the context of dramatic cuts in school funding and alongside a significant reduction in the Education Services Grant (ESG)

In this context some local authorities have begun to consider establishing alternative structures to support schools, and Barnsley is one of them!

The NUT believes that this will not avoid any of the problems associated with MATs described in the booklet below.

Furthermore this may result in more local schools being at risk of being forced into MATs by pushing the local authority further in the direction of being declare ‘unviable’.

Don’t ‘jump before being pushed’

The Local Government Association sent a letter to Labour Councillors with a clear message

“The first job we have as Labour Councillors is to get the message out that these changes are not inevitable and governing bodies should not rush to convert”

So Barnsley LABOUR Council have you been doing this?

Barnsley NUT will be handing the document below to our local Councillors today and we seek a meeting to discuss concerns raised by our members regarding MATs.


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