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In Barnsley, we have 55 nursery units for children between three and four years of age, which are attached to primary schools.

Education for children between the ages of five and 11 is provided in 77 primary schools; 38 of these are academies.

For young people 11 – 18, education is provided by 9 advanced learning centres, four of which are academies.

Holy Trinity 3-16 Catholic and Church of England (VA) is an all-through school and admits children from ages 3 to 16.

Penistone Grammar ALC has its own sixth form (11-18)

Two special school academies and one alternative academy provide education for children aged 3-19 who have significant and complex special educational needs.

Primary schools

SchoolHeadteacher/addressContact details
All Saints Academy DarfieldMr C Walls 
School Street, Darfield, Barnsley 
S73 9EU
Tel: (01226) 752293
Fax: (01226) 341225
Email: All Saints Academy
Athersley North PrimaryMrs C Storr
Miss K Wordsworth

Lindhurst Road, Athersley North,
Barnsley S71 3NB
Tel: (01226) 288674
Fax: (01226) 204633
Email: Athersley North
Athersley South PrimaryMs J Whiteley
Ms E Sanderson
Wakefield Road, Smithies,
Barnsley S71 3TP
Tel: (01226) 284223
Fax:(01226) 733039
Email: Athersley South1
Email: Athersley South2
Barugh Green PrimaryMr M Gilmore
Higham Common Road, 
Barugh Green, 
Barnsley S75 1LD
Tel: (01226) 383800
Fax: (01226) 381268
Email: Barugh Green
Birdwell PrimaryMr N Bailey
Sheffield Road, 
Barnsley S70 5XB
Tel: (01226) 742957
Email: Birdwell
Birkwood PrimaryMrs J Allen
Darfield Road, Cudworth, 
Barnsley S72 8HG
Tel: (01226) 710447
Fax: (01226) 712341
Email: Birkwood
Brierley Church of England (VC) PrimaryS Benson 
Beech Close, Brierley,
Barnsley S72 9EJ
Tel: (01226) 711332
Fax: (01226) 711332
Email: Brierley CE
Burton Road PrimaryMr M Harris 
Burton Road,
Barnsley S71 2AA
Tel: (01226) 288679
Fax: (01226) 289764
Email: Burton Road
Carlton Primary AcademyMrs J Everett (Executive Principal)
Mr I Weatherley (Head of Academy)
Fish Dam Lane, Carlton,
Barnsley S71 3HF
Tel: (01226) 722166
Fax: (01226) 722918
Email: Carlton
Carrfield Primary AcademyMr A Crossley 
Highgate Lane, Bolton-upon-Dearne, 
Rotherham S63 8AL
Tel: (01709) 893121
Fax: (01709) 888167
Email: Dearne Carrfield
Cawthorne Church of England (VC) PrimaryMs E Pursley 
Taylor Hill, Cawthorne,
Barnsley S75 4HB
Tel: (01226) 790447
Fax: (01226) 792848
Email: Cawthorne CE
Cherry Dale PrimaryMrs N Wood (Acting Head)
Royston Road, Cudworth, 
Barnsley S72 8AA
Tel: (01226) 719700
Fax: (01226) 780469
Email: Cherry Dale
Cudworth Churchfield PrimaryMrs Y Gray 
Snydale Road, Cudworth, 
Barnsley S72 8JR
Tel: (01226) 710523
Email: Cudworth Churchfield
Darton PrimaryMs J Lancett
Station Road, Darton,
Barnsley S75 5AD
Tel: (01226) 394050
Email: Darton
Dearne Goldthorpe PrimaryMs S Fields 
Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, 
Rotherham S63 9NG
Tel: (01709) 892044
Fax: (01709) 881196
Email: Dearne Goldthorpe
Dodworth St Johns the Baptist CE Primary AcademyMr P WrightBarnsley Road, Dodworth, 
Barnsley S75 3JS
Tel: (01226) 286514
Fax: (01226) 731675
Email: Dodworth St John 

Elsecar Holy Trinity CE Primary Academy Mr S Silverwood (Head)
Church Street, Elsecar,
Barnsley S74 8HS
Tel: (01226) 743008
Fax: (01226) 740646
Email: Elsecar Holy Trinity
Gawber PrimaryMs J Brown
Church Street, Gawber,
Barnsley S75 2RP
Tel: (01226) 289728
Fax: (01226) 734028
Email: Gawber
Gooseacre Primary AcademyMrs K Godfrey
Gooseacre Avenue, Thurnscoe, 
Rotherham S63 0NU
Tel: (01709) 893569
Fax: (01709) 891394
Email: Gooseacre
Greenfield PrimaryMr A Ralph 
Cherry Tree Street, Hoyland, 
Barnsley S74 9RG
Tel: (01226) 743468
Fax: (01226) 742734
Email: Greenfield 
Heather Garth Primary AcademyMrs J Winnard
Billingley View, 
Rotherham S63 8ES
Tel: (01709) 894149
Email: Heather Garth
Highgate Primary AcademyMrs J Leishman
Nicholas Lane, Goldthorpe, 
Rotherham S63 9AS
Tel: (01709) 892160
Fax: (01709) 888169
Email: Highgate
High View Primary Learning CentreMiss T Smith
Newsome Avenue, Wombwell, 
Barnsley S73 8QS
Tel: 01226 273220
Fax:01226 273225
Email: High View
Holy Rood Catholic (VA) PrimaryMs K Dobson
Shaw Street, 
Barnsley S71 6JL
Tel: 01226 281219
Fax:01226 770351
Email: Holy Rood
Holy Trinity 3-16 Catholic and Church of England (VA)Mrs A Dickson
Carlton Road,
Barnsley S71 2LF
Tel: 01226 704550
Fax:01226 286798
Email: Holy Trinity
Hoyland Common PrimaryMr T Banham (CEO)
Mr B Fallon (Head of School)
Sheffield Road, Hoyland Common, 
Barnsley S74 0DJ
Tel: 01226 369640
Fax:01226 741025
Email: Hoyland Common 
Hoyland Springwood PrimaryMrs K Clark
Cloughfields Road, 
Hoyland, Barnsley S74 0ER
Tel: 01226 743815
Email: Hoyland Springwood
Hoylandswaine PrimaryMs L Cole 
Haigh Lane, Hoylandswaine, 
Sheffield S36 7JJ
Tel: 01226 762027
Fax: 01226 762045
Email: Hoylandswaine
Hunningley PrimaryMrs C Dean
Hunningley Lane, Stairfoot,
Barnsley S70 3DT
Tel: 01226 284867
Fax:01226 286429
Email: Hunningley
Joseph Locke PrimaryMs J Brock
Ms G Dransfield
Shaw Street, 
Barnsley S70 6JL
Tel: 01226 729910
Fax:01226 779623
Email: Joseph Locke
Jump PrimaryMrs K Falconer
Roebuck Hill, Jump, 
Barnsley S74 0JW
Tel: 01226 743041
Fax:01226 740651
Email: Jump
Keresforth PrimaryMs H Otley
Keresforth Road, Dodworth, 
Barnsley  S75 3NU
Tel: 01226 284147
Fax:01226 734027
Email: Keresforth 
Kexborough PrimaryMiss J MacKay
Ballfield Lane, Kexbrough
Barnsley S75 5EF
Tel: 01226 382288
Fax:01226 390639
Email: Kexborough
Kings Oak Primary Learning CentreMs A Wilks
Bondfield Close, Wombwell, 
Barnsley S73 8TX 
Tel: 01226 272740
Fax:01226 341824
Email: Kings Oak
Lacewood PrimaryMs J Stratton
Carr Head Lane, 
Rotherham S63 8DA
Tel: 01709 887750
Email: Lacewood
Ladywood PrimaryMs C Grainger
Nancy Road, Grimethorpe,
Barnsley S72 7JX
Tel: 01226 711488
Fax:01226 781677
Email: Ladywood
Laithes PrimaryMrs J Hirst (Executive Head) 
Mrs G Fletcher (Head of School)
Laithes Lane, Smithies
Barnsley S71 3AF
Tel: 01226 281255
Email: Laithes
Mapplewell PrimaryMrs G Padfield
Greenside Avenue, Staincross, 
Barnsley S75 6BB
Tel: 01226 381273
Fax:01226 381272
Email: Mapplewell
Meadstead Primary AcademyMrs N Smith 
Meadstead Drive, Royston, 
Barnsley S71 4JS
Tel: 01226 722153
Fax: 01226 700499
Email: Meadstead
Milefield PrimaryMs K Trickett
Milefield Lane, Grimethorpe, 
Barnsley S72 7BH
Tel: 01226 710329
Fax:01226 781823
Email: Milefield
Millhouse PrimaryMrs K Gray
Lee Lane, Millhouse Green, 
Sheffield S36 9LN
Tel: 01226 763019
Email: Millhouse
Oakhill Primary Ms S Golia
Doncaster Road, Ardsley
Barnsley S71 5AG
Tel: 01226 284493
Fax:01226 785297
Email: Oakhill
Oakwell Rise Primary AcademyMrs J JenkinsDoncaster Road,
Barnsley S70 1TS
Tel: 01226 281943
Fax:01226 246979
Email: Oakwell Rise
Outwood Primary Academy DarfieldMr M Vickers
Snapehill Road, Darfield
Barnsley S73 9LT
Tel: 01226 753048
Fax: 01226 754709
Email: Darfield Outwood
Outwood Primary Academy Littleworth GrangeMrs G Kilner
Littleworth Lane, Lundwood,
Barnsley S71 5RG
Tel: 01226 777530
Email: Littleworth Grange
Oxspring PrimaryMrs S Irwin
Sheffield Road, Oxspring, 
Sheffield S36 8YW
Tel: 01226 763020
Fax:01226 763020
Email: Oxspring
Parkside Primary AcademyMrs J Everett (Executive Principal)
Ms R Ward
Midland Road, Royston,
Barnsley, S71 4QP
Tel: 01226 722416
Fax: 01226 726643
Email: Parkside
Penistone St John’s CE (VA) Primary Ms A Drinkhill
High Street, Penistone,
Sheffield S36 6BS
Tel: 01226 762496
Fax: 01226 766623
Email: Penistone St John’s
Queens Road AcademyMr S Kaufman
Queens Road, Barnsley 
S71 1AR
Tel: 01226 737010
Fax: 01226 779671
Email: Queens Road
Royston Saint John Baptist CE PrimaryMs J Ryan
Vicarage Lane, Royston, 
Barnsley S71 4QY
Tel: 01226 722011
Fax:01226 700839
Email: Royston St John
Sacred Heart Catholic (VA) PrimaryMr D Thorpe (Executive Head)
Miss A Beecham (Head of School)

Lockwood Road, Goldthorpe, 
Rotherham S63 9JY
Tel: 01709 892385
Fax:01709 888168
Email: Sacred Heart
Sandhill PrimaryMs J Hirst (Executive Head)
Miss K Beech (Head of School)
Dearne Street, Great Houghton, 
Barnsley S72 0EQ
Tel: 01226 345030
Fax:01226 754302
Email: Sandhill
Shafton Primary AcademyMrs J Charalambous
High Street, Shafton,
Barnsley S72 8QA
Tel: 01226 710386
Fax:01226 781770
Email: Shafton
Shawlands PrimaryMr D Thompson 
Shaw Street, 
Barnsley S70 6JL
Tel: 01226 287177
Fax:01226 296365
Email: Shawlands
Silkstone Common J & IMr S Tabbner 
Moorend Lane, Silkstone Common, 
Barnsley S75 4QT
Tel: 01226 790471
Fax:01226 790471
Email: Silkstone Common
Silkstone PrimaryMrs S Adams
High Street, Silkstone,
Barnsley S75 4LR
Tel: 01226 790333
Fax:01226 791200
Email: Silkstone
Springvale PrimaryMr L McClure
Sheffield Road, Penistone, 
Sheffield S36 6HJ
Tel: 01226 760930
Fax:01226 760931
Email: Springvale
St Helen’s Catholic (VA) PrimaryMrs J Wray
West Street, Hoyland,
Barnsley S74 9DL
Tel: 01226 742172
Fax:01226 742172
Email: St Helen’s Catholic
St Helen’s Primary AcademyMrs J Charalambous
St Helens Way, Monk Bretton,
Barnsley S71 2PS
Tel: 01226 295210
Fax:01226 207256
Email: St Helen’s
St Mary’s CE PrimaryMr L Spencer
Stocks Lane, 
Barnsley S75 2DF
Tel: 01226 206422
Fax:01226 206490
Email: St Mary’s CE 
St Michael and All Angels Catholic (VA) PrimaryMr D Thorpe (Federation Head)
Mrs J Holcroft (Head of School)
Stonyford Road, Wombwell, 
Barnsley S73 8AF
Tel: 01226 752120
Fax:01226 341559
Email: St Michael and All Angels Catholic
Summerfields Primary AcademyMrs J Everett
Haigh Croft, Summer Lane Royston, 
Barnsley S71 4SF
Tel: 01226 722480
Fax:01226 701638
Email: Summerfields
Summer Lane PrimaryMr R Smith
Summer Lane,
Barnsley S75 2BB
Tel: 01226 205363
Fax: 01226 294404
Email: Summer Lane
Tankersley St Peters CE (VA) PrimaryMrs J Proctor-Blain
Westwood New Road, Tankersley, 
Barnsley S75 3DA
Tel: 01226 742357
Fax: 01226 740438
Email: Tankersley St Peters
The Ellis CE (VA) PrimaryMrs R Hurding
School Street, Hemingfield, 
Barnsley S73 0PS
Tel: 01226 753383
Email: The Ellis
The Forest AcademyMrs Sarah Coe
Thornton Road, Kendray
Barnsley S70 3NG
Tel: 01226 284719
Email Forest Academy
The Hill Primary AcademyMr S Woolley
Tudor Street, Thurnscoe, 
Rotherham S63 ODS
Tel: 01709 892145
Fax:01709 880811
Email: The Hill
The Mill AcademyMrs T Gulliver
Lobwood, Worsbrough Bridge, 
Barnsley S70 5EP
Tel: 01226 289096
Fax:01226 241768
Email: The Mill
Thurgoland CE PrimaryMs S Brown
Halifax Road, Thurgoland, 
Sheffield S35 7AL
Tel: 0114 2883300
Fax:0114 2888836
Email: Thurgoland CE
Thurlstone PrimaryMs C Gibbins 
Royd Moor Road, Thurlstone,
Sheffield S36 9RD
Tel: 01226 762018
Fax:01226 762071
Email: Thurlstone
Upperwood Primary AcademyMr A Budd
Dartree Walk, Darfield
Barnsley S73 9NL
Tel: 01226 754336/755027
Email: Upperwood
Ward Green PrimaryMs M Binns
Vernon Road, Worsbrough, 
Barnsley S70 5HJ
Tel: 01226 286510
Email: Ward Green 
Wellgate PrimaryMs C Egginton
George Street, Mapplewell,
Barnsley S75 6HR
Tel: 01226 383739
Fax:01226 381228
Email: Wellgate
West Meadows PrimaryMr D Wood
West Street, Hoyland,
Barnsley S74 9ET
Tel: 01226 749164
Fax:01226 740115
Email: West Meadows
Wilthorpe PrimaryMr D Tomblings
Greenfoot Lane,
Barnsley S75 1EG
Tel: 01226 288676
Email: Wilthorpe
Wombwell Park Street PrimaryMrs C Lawson
Park Street, Wombwell,
Barnsley S73 0HS
Tel: 01226 752029
Fax:01226 758695
Email: Wombwell Park Street 
Worsbrough Bank End PrimaryMs N Thorpe (Executive Head)
Mrs L Johnstone (Head of School)
Underwood Avenue, Worsbrough, 
Barnsley S70 4AZ
Tel: 01226 282549
Fax:01226 285892
Email: Worsbrough Bank End 
Worsbrough Common PrimaryMrs L Dring
Bruce Avenue, 
Worsbrough Common, Barnsley S70 4EB
Tel: 01226 289989
Email: Worsbrough Common

Secondary schools

SchoolHeadteacher/AddressContact details
Barnsley AcademyMr S Dixon
Farm Road, Kendray,
Barnsley S70 3DL
Tel: 01226 284606
Fax:01226 731793
Email: The Barnsley Academy
Darton CollegeMs K Davies
Ballfield Lane, Darton,
Barnsley S75 5EF
Tel: 01226 382568
Email: Darton College 
Holy Trinity 3-16 Catholic and CE/VAMr S Barber
Mrs R Parkin (Head of Primary)
Carlton Road,
Barnsley S71 2LF
Tel: 01226 704550
Fax:01226 286798
Email: Holy Trinity
Horizon Community CollegeMr N Bowen (Executive Principal)
Dodworth Road,
Barnsley S70 6PD
Tel: 01226 704230
Email: Horizon
Kirk Balk AcademyMs J Nolan (Executive Principal)
Mr D A Buckley (Head of Academy)

West Street, Hoyland,
Barnsley S74 9HX
Tel: 01226 742286
Fax:01226 741267
Email: Kirk Balk
Netherwood AcademyMr A Redfern (Interim Principal)
Dove Valley Way, Wombwell,
Barnsley S73 8FE
Tel: 01226 272000  (temporary number)
Fax:01226 753486
Email: Netherwood ALC
Outwood Academy CarltonMr P Haynes
Royston Lane, Carlton,
Barnsley S71 3EW
Tel: 01226 728494
Fax:01226 725640
Email: Outwood Carlton
Outwood Academy ShaftonMrs C Ackroyd
Engine Lane, Shafton,
Barnsley S72 8RE
Tel: 01226 717730
Fax:01226 781999
Email: Shafton Academy
Penistone Grammar Advanced Learning CentreMr P Crook 
Huddersfield Road, Penistone,
Sheffield S36 7BX
Tel: 01226 762114
Fax:01226 370328
Email: Penistone Grammar ALC
The Dearne Advanced Learning CentreMrs C Robinson 
Goldthorpe Road, Goldthorpe,
Rotherham S63 9EW
Tel: 01709 892211
Email: The Dearne ALC

Special schools

SchoolHeadteacher/AddressContact details
GreenacreMrs D Greaves 
Keresforth Hill Road, Barnsley, S70 6RG
Tel: 01226 287165
Fax:01226 295328
Email: Greenacre School
SpringwellMr D Whitaker (Executive Principal)
St Helen’s Boulevard, Carlton Road,
Barnsley S71 2AY
Tel: 01226 291133
Fax:01226 779244
Email: Springwell School

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