These are the standards that should be used for your performance management.

These are the standards that you are assessed against for your performance management. Below is a ‘GOVERNMENT’ not local, overview of the standards.

Do I have to prove I can achieve more standards than those on the lists?

Often, additional standards are created but in terms of attaining performance in relation to support action plans and capability procedures , these can be used to prove you are working at the expected standard for a teacher. Often an outside adviser, group, company will inform leaders they need to include more, this is not correct.

In the guidance, it also clearly states that these must not be used as a tick box exercise, but the aim is to look for the overall majority. Sadly, this often not the case.

What about Upper Pay Scale teachers?

The misconception is that an Upper Pay Scale teacher should have to go beyond these standards otherwise they are subject to capability. The guidance from the government, who is the overarching employer, states this is not the case. Read through the guidance document above by clicking the link.

What about NQT and early career teachers?

An NQT would be expected to have fewer examples of completing the standards or perhaps not all of them achieved. Remember, it is a best fit model. The objectives that have limited evidence should then form part of your performance management targets as part of a normal cycle of improvement and this should not be used super micro management but used as a tool to develop future effective leaders themselves.

How should the standards be used?

Click on the link below to see the Government’s recommendation