School Holiday Public Consultation Opens

We welcome the news that Barnsley Council have committed to consult widely on their proposals to change the traditional school holiday pattern.

From 9 am on the 7th November until 5pm on 2nd December all interested parties are invited to ‘vote’ in the council survey

Click here to vote for your preferred option

There are 3 options on the survey:

  1. Council’s preferred new option of 5 weeks in Summer and an extra week in October.
  2. The Summer break we have now 6 weeks (which the council are now referring to as a ‘long Summer’!!!)
  3. A fixed Easter Period

The results of the consultation will be analysed and reported to cabinet in February 2017. The proposed pattern will be circulated to schools in March 2017 for implementation in the 2018/19 Academic year.

Please tell Barnsley Council what you think. Do you work in a school outside Barnsley? Would a change to the current holiday pattern have an impact on your family?

The Council have no more/new research to prove that the current Summer break has an adverse effect on children’s learning.

The research that is available is based around Countries such as America where the Summer break is much longer than ours.



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