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School Cuts coalition analysis shows 5.4 billion cut from school budgets since 2015

The School Cuts coalition analysis( of the latest Government school funding figures shows a shortfall in funding £5.4 billion over the past 3 years with 91% number of schools in England affected.

This is the most comprehensive examination of school funding figures, bringing together:

  • Schools Block allocations (which for 2018/19 also includes the new Teacher Pay Grant)
  • the Pupil Premium
  • sixth form funding

Look at the School Cuts website to see how schools in your area are affected.

Ayesga Baggley, Barnsley NEU Secretary, said: This is an intolerable situation. Children and young people are being short changed by a Government that believes their education can be run on a shoe string budget.

As a result of Governments absolute refusal to accept the fact that a school funding crisis exists school class sizes are increasing, teachers and support staff are being reduced, building repairs are being left undone, subjects are being dropped from the curriculum and teachers are having to pay out of their own pocket for items such as text books and glues sticks.

This situation cannot go on. There needs to be a reversal of cuts to school budgets since 2010, and for the funding of schools and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) provision to be of a level that ensures all children and young people get the education they deserve, regardless of where they live.

For further information contact Ayesha Baggley

Editors notes
All the data including a spreadsheet with cuts figures for all schools in Barnsley is available at 

The methodology is attached