NEU workplace representatives – Access to your membership list

As an NEU representative you can access a secure online list of members in your workplace.Ensuring that their workplace and other details are correct is essential for the organisational and campaigning work of the NEU both locally and nationally.The tool provides a quick and easy way of notifying us if members have left your workplace or arrived from elsewhere. You can see if your members have given us complete contact information and if their membership is up to date.


Before you can access a list of your members you need to register and set up a password using the form below. (If you have already registered to access your own membership details you can use the same password.)

National school/college REPS page here

The NEU organises teachers in England, Wales, the Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey and in Service Children’s Schools throughout the world. As the largest teachers union the NEU has the resources and staffing to meet the needs of teachers in all aspects of their professional work.

NEU representatives in schools and colleges are critical to the success of the Union. You are the first point of contact for our members and you are an essential Union presence in education workplaces throughout the country.

As a school rep you can be involved in:

  • Being the public face of the NEU
  • Recruiting new members to the Union
  • Representing members’ concerns to senior management
  • leading workplace conversations about education and learning
  • Holding school meetings to update members on local and national campaigns

We encourage NEU reps to work together through our local division to share ideas and support each other. All our reps have access to high quality training programmes to support and develop skills and confidence in Union activity.

The NEU will be most successful if there is a rep in every school. If you have no rep or think you might be interested in becoming one please contact us for more information/support-

Ayesha Baggley and Nicola Fitzpatrick are Join District Secretaries.

The NEU have produced an autumn checklist for REPS that you may find useful- NUT reps September checklist

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