Questions for your Electoral Candidates

With the general election fast approaching, education needs to be at the forefront of candidates minds. the NUT has released a series questions which you can put towards electoral candidates in your constituency.

1. Will you support the position that school budgets should not experience real terms cuts?
2. According to UK Treasury Data, UK spending on education will decline from 6.07%
of GDP in 2010 to 4% in 2020. Do you think this trend is good for the country?
3. The OECD says that the most effective school systems are non-selective. Do you agree?
4. (To Conservative candidates) What evidence is there for the claim that selective education systems (Grammar schools) benefit the majority of students?
5. The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimate that as a result of tax and benefit changes, child poverty will rise above 30% in 2021/22. This is a catastrophic figure, with serious consequences for children’s ability to achieve success at school. What should government do?
6. The CBI is one of many organisations that say that the focus on a narrow range of examinations means schools are becoming exam factories with serious consequences for students’ well-being. What do you propose is done about this?

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