Play not Tests at 4.

More than a score campaign has produced an information text detailing the reasons and providing sources of research.

Take part in the Chalk Campaign

Email to all members was sent out 19.2.19 to sign up. Lets help get it to the 100,000 mark.


Opposition is building to the Baseline Assessment which is due to be piloted for 4-year-olds this September. Campaign group More Than A Score (MTAS) has organised a Chalk Protest to raise awareness of these absurd assessments, which are more about school and teacher accountability than supporting children’s learning.

To take part, just chalk the message Play Not Tests At 4 on a pavement or in a playground near you, take a photograph and share it on social media. Don’t forget to tag More Than A Score: Twitter: @morethanscore; Facebook: @morethanascore

Meanwhile, the MTAS petition against Baseline continues to gather signatures and has now passed 40,000: please sign it so we can stop this nonsense.