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What do I do if I have a problem at work?

Answer: Go to your school rep and look on the website. If you unable to solve your problem contract the advice line on the number or contact form detailed below.

NEU AdviceLine

Phone number: 0345 811 8111

Email AdviceLine

Click for advice contacts

Why do I have to contact the advice line first?

Answer: The collect patterns of complaints and then find the best person who will intially deal with your case depending on their expertise. You may sometimes have more than one person dealing with your case.

Joint District Secretaries and Caseworkers

Nicola Fitzpatrick

Ayesha Baggley

Officers of NEU Barnsley 

President Jan 2018-Jan 2019 Alex Simon


Membership Secretary Pete Bevis


Assistant Secretary Fran Postlethwaite


Barnsley Trades Council Co-ordinator George Arthur


Recruitment Officer  Pam Grainger


Communications/Social Media Officer Ayesha Baggley and Angela Harrod


Equalities Officer Ayesha Baggley


Treasurer  Roy Bowser


Young Teacher Officer  Emma Dodd

Email: Contact Secretary in the first instance