NQT assistance: School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STCPD)

If you work in a local authority maintained school in England or Wales, your working time obligations are set out in the School teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STCPD), published each year by the DfE. The law requires schools to abide by its provisions on what you can and cannot be required to do and by its limits on your total working time.

Although academies are not required by law to follow the STPCD’s provisions, most do so. If you work in an academy, however, you should make sure you know about your working time obligations. NUT policy on workload is set out to support you in the same way it supports any other member. Do not hesitate to contact your NUT rep or contact the NUT for support and advice.

For full-time teachers, the STPCD says that:

  • you may be directed to work for a maximum of 1,265 hours per year, spread over up to 195 days when you must be available for work (including five non-pupil days)
  • your directed time should be allocated reasonably throughout the school year by your head teacher
  • you must work “such additional hours as may be necessary to discharge effectively your professional duties”, but such additional hours must be reasonable.

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