More than a Score York – 6th May 2017

More Than A Score hosted an event in York today, with two panels speaking on the current state of assessment and where it needs to go from here. The event was well attended, with attendees including parents, teachers, academics and union representatives.

The event began with a small video on primary assessment, created by More Than A Score.

Baseline assessment, before eight years of age, is not only ridiculous, it’s useless.

Siobhan Collingwood spoke next, with a strong focus on the mental health implications of the current testing regime.

There has been a 200% increase in referrals to Childline over exam pressure.

From 2000 to 2015, there has been a 50% increase in child self-harm.

Panel one

The first panel (Anne Swift, Steve Flintoft, Sam Rippon and Ghada Khattab) focussed on the question of “What does education look like in schools right now?”

Chris Kyriacou

Following the first panel, we heard from Chris Kyriacou, who spoke of the government’s focus on school being “above average”.

Panel two

The second panel (Duncan Bathgate, Rachael Maskell, Jonny Crawshaw and Kevin Courtney) focussed on the question “Where education should go from here”.

Many more of these events will be taking place across the country, as parents and teachers begin to work collaboratively against the current assessment regime. The government’s own research into assessment has shown that SATs tests are having a negative effect on pupil wellbeing, while the current government remains insistent on promoting baseline assessment within foundation stage.

Contact your local More Than A Score group to see how you can contribute to the fight back against these damaging policies.

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