Membership of NEU Barnsley (NUT)
The Barnsley NUT Division of the NEU has always and still continues to represent the majority of all teachers working in Barnsley be they in Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Special, Supply or in other support roles. NEU Barnsley (NUT) does not discriminate according to the status or career length of any of its members. Retired teachers also have membership opportunities and rights within the NEU.
All members acknowledge the importance of belonging to the NEU which is both the largest single organisation representing teachers in Europe and is a National Trade Union as well as a Professional Association. The NEU campaigns locally and nationally on the pay of teachers as well as on national and local Conditions of Service.
A wide range of services and benefits are available to all NEU members along with personal,local advice, support and representation from the Barnsley Division Secretary who has an office in Barnsley . The NEU also maintains a Regional Office in Doncaster employing full time Officials including a Union solicitor who is dedicated to providing legal support to any member should this become necessary.
No teacher can never predict just when they might require the protection of the Union. Regretfully and with increasing frequency teachers find themselves the victims of verbal or physical assault, malicious allegations, harassment and other work related issues. Apart from the distress these issues cause, without NEU membership,  these can be very costly and often profoundly affect the professional and personal lives of those concerned. It is a fact that at any time any teacher may be faced with suspension from their teaching duties due to allegations made against them by pupils or indeed parents. Suspension is a measure now used more frequently  to allow an investigation, which may take weeks or more often months to complete and may involve the police and other agencies. Members can be assured of the necessary understanding, knowledge of and representation during these complex procedures. The unrivalled services in all aspects of a professional nature are available from the NEU locally, regionally and nationally. Membership of the NEU ensures that you have access to Union assistance at any time.
 Joining the NEU
 Joining and becoming a member could not be easier. Membership can be by completion of an application form, by phone to the NUT Membership hotline Tel 0845 300 1669 or 020 7380 6369 ( Monday- Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm or  join Online. Full details are available at (Just click on the ‘Join us’ section) A sliding scale of subscription rates reflects the working time a member undertakes. The NEU offers initial free membership to NQTs followed by a reduced subscription rate after that. Student teachers can join without payment of a subscription.
Members can claim tax relief against their NEU subscription and should  contact  HMRC about this. Retrospective tax relief claims can be made for the previous 6 years.
Join us and be secure in the protection of the NEU throughout your career.
Pete Bevis- Membership Secretary

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