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Why join a union, what has it done for me?

It has:

  • Developed maternity pay and rights to maternity and paternity leave.

  • Sickness absence support and pay significantly greater than other workers.

  • Actively promotes equal opportunities such as tackling discrimination. In-fact there is a section of the union devoted to this.

  • Limited working time to 48 hour week maximum.

  • A lunch break, before teachers had to work with pupils.

  • Work load campaign.

  • Right to PPA, before there was nothing.

  • Weekends can not be directed.

  • Burgundy book of rights, even many academies use through union bargaining.

  • Support in times of crisis.

  • Support with advice regarding personal issues.

  • Reduced and recommended insurance products.

  • Various discounts available, provided through the teacher magazine.

  • Free legal representation when you may need it for work related issues.

  • Professional development opportunities within the union and changes to network other colleagues.

  • Opportunities to share good practice and take action on issues that may mean a positive change to working conditions.

The list can go on and is possibly endless. You on your own may not be heard, you and your union will be. One group, one voice, huge impact on change.
Membership is available to everyone working in education.
  • Trainees and students can join for FREE
  • Newly qualified teachers can join for just £1
  • New members can join for 50% off* this year’s full subscription rate

Standard subscription rates (Sept 2018 – Aug 2019)

The National Education Union offers annual membership based on the academic year. The membership year will begin on 1 September and end on 31 August.

Full annual subscription rate Contracted hours % of annual subscription to pay Total annual subscription amount
LEADERSHIP £210 Above 0.6 100 £210
0.3 –  0.6 50 £105
 Below 0.3 25 £52.50
STANDARD £183 Above 0.6 100 £183
0.3 – 0.6 50 £91.50
 Below 0.3 25 £45.75
SUPPORT £102 21 hours per week or more 100 £102
Less than 21 but 10.5 hours a week or more 50 £51
Less than 10.5 hours a week 25 £25.50
Remember, if you stop working and you have reduced your hours significantly, remember to update your union membership to reflect this.

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