#GreenforGrenfell – Show support for the Grenfell Tower community

It has been impossible to watch the events at Grenfell Tower with anything but a hollow feeling of grief and despair, and yet the way in which the local community and others have responded have demonstrated the very best of humanity.

I am sure that there are many staff and young people who would wish to show support in some way and we have been in contact with colleagues in West London about how we can do this.

They have told us that schools in West London, and increasingly across the country, are holding a wear green for Grenfell day on Friday 23rd June and have said that they would welcome this being done is as many schools as possible – they are using the Twitter hashtag #greenforgrenfell – an image for this is attached.

Please inform your colleagues of this initiative and, if your school is taking part, email secretary@barnsley.nut.org.uk with any images we can place on our website.

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