Excellent Progress made on reducing your workload!

On Friday 24th March we met with representatives from Barnsley Council, the Barnsley Alliance, the trade unions and some secondary head teachers to explore the idea of a workload charter for Barnsley (we had apologies from two Barnsley Primary Multi Academy Trusts). The outcome of the meeting was very positive are we are going to form the Barnsley Workload Board which will meet to negotiate a Barnsley Workload Charter.

The Charter is being supported by all the Barnsley MP’s. Dan Jarvis MP stated, “I am deeply concerned that teachers are being driven out of the profession due to their excessive workloads and I welcome the creation of a Barnsley Workload Charter for schools.

Michael Dugher MP tweeted he was proud to support Barnsley NUT:

What we need now is information on your ‘non-negotiables’ for the Barnsley Workload Charter.

Please can you arrange a meeting of members in your school and look at the Nottingham Workload Charter and discuss what you want on our workload charter. If you would like us to visit your school to give a face-to-face update and to take your suggestions for the Charter please contact Emma Hardy on e.hardy@nut.org.uk  We can also send you the results from our workload survey and compare it to the workload drivers in your school.

There is more information about the Nottingham Charter here:

Have a great Easter!

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