NUT Disabled Teachers’ Conference 2017

Date: Saturday 14th October 2017 – 10.30am to 16.30pm

Venue: NUT Headquarters, Mabledon Place, London. WC1 9BD

The Disabled Teachers’ Conference provides the opportunity to meet and network with other disabled teachers from across England and Wales. It aims to support disabled teachers already active in the NUT, encourage other disabled teachers to become active and provide a forum to discuss issues important to disabled members.

Forms must be returned to the NUT by noon, Friday 22 September 2017.

Booking for the DTC couldn’t be simpler. Apply early to secure your place.

Complete your on-line form here.


PRESS RELEASE – Workload 22nd March

We don’t just talk about high teacher workload, we take action to ensure it reduces- says National Union of Teachers

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) which represents over one thousand members in schools in Barnsley believes both parents and teachers should be concerned about the high levels of teacher workload. Workload is driving teachers out of the profession and making it harder to recruit and retain high quality teachers for our Barnsley children. Barnsley NUT has called a meeting with all the education stakeholders in Barnsley, including BMBC, Barnsley local Multi Academy Trusts, all the trade unions and the Barnsley Alliance, to discuss how we can work together to create a Barnsley Workload Charter for our schools. This charter will seek to tackle the high pressure and workloads of teachers employed in Barnsley by identifying specific ways to reduce teacher workload.

Nicola Fitzpatrick, Barnsley NUT Division Secretary said;

“We are deeply concerned that our workload surveys showed over 80% of our members in Barnsley are considering leaving the procession.  We all know how disruptive a change of teacher during the year can be for our children. Children in Barnsley deserve the best teachers and no teacher can teach well if they are exhausted and stressed. Our teachers need all our support; we should never forget that teacher’s working conditions are children’s learning conditions.”

“We are delighted that both BMBC and BA are taking the issue of teacher workload seriously and that they are engaging in productive talks to look at developing a Workload Charter specifically for Barnsley. 75% of our members surveyed said they were more likely to work in a school that had the charter and we want to make Barnsley schools the employer of choice for teachers.  We are looking forward to the Workload Steering group meeting on Friday 24th March and discussing exactly how a Barnsley Workload Charter would operate.”

Councillor Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson – People (Achieving Potential) said;

“There has been a radical change in Barnsley education over the last few years. The investment in our young people and their learning environment has seen results and standards rocketing and record-breaking achievements year on year. It isn’t just about students though, teachers and school staff are a vital part of our ambition. We want Barnsley to be a great place to learn and a great place to teach. Addressing the key issues for teachers, like workloads, in an innovative way is something we should all be signing up to.”

Michael Dugher MP, Barnsley East, said:

“Teaching is an incredibly challenging and demanding role. Those who enter the profession face a lot of pressure both in and out of the workplace. It is deeply troubling that 80% of NUT members in Barnsley have suggested they are considering leaving the profession.

 “Along with disproportionate cuts to schools budgets, which I will continue to fight against, extra pressures on teachers as a result of increased workloads presents a threat to the quality of our children’s education.

 “I am glad that positive steps are being taken in Barnsley to look at how we might best relieve these pressures. It is vital that we show our support to teachers so that they can strike a proper work-life balance and our children can receive the best possible education.”

Dan Jarvis MP, Barnsley Central, said:

“Every year I visit schools across Barnsley and see first-hand the commitment and dedication of our teachers. I am always inspired by the enthusiasm, creativity and drive which they display, raising students’ aspirations and helping them to succeed.

“I am deeply concerned that teachers are being driven out of the profession due to their excessive workloads and I welcome the creation of a Barnsley Workload Charter for schools.

“We must make sure teachers feel valued for the incredible work that they do, and that the rise in standards that we have seen in Barnsley in recent years is not at the expense of teachers’ health and wellbeing.”

Angela Smith MP, Penistone & Stocksbridge, said:

“As a former college teacher I fully appreciate how difficult and stressful the profession can be. Given what seems to be the low priority this government is giving to teachers and teaching it is not surprising so many are considering leaving the profession.

It is therefore pleasing to hear of the good work being carried out in Barnsley to mitigate many of the pressures being faced by teachers, which will help with retention. If we really care about future generations we need to make sure they get the best possible start in life and to do that it is vital we have dedicated and well qualified teachers, this program will help in maintaining those standards.”


For further comment please contact:
Nicola Fitzpatrick Barnsley NUT Division Secretary 07838067546


Barnsley Borough City of Sanctuary AGM

Members are invited to attend the Barnsley Borough City of Sanctuary AGM on Tuesday 7th March, 5:30pm – 7:00pm at Barnsley Town Hall.

“Experiences of Asylum-Seekers and Refugees”

“Our visiting speaker will be Rodrigo Edema, Sheffield City of Sanctuary.

Rodrigo coordinates and supports volunteer refugees, who are invited into schools to speak about their experiences.

Sheffield City of Sanctuary has been operating for ten years and has a great deal of experience in running this education outreach programme, so his observations should be of particular interest to parents, education officers, head teachers and teaching unions.”

-Canon David Munby, St George’s Church


Together we can reduce your workload!

We know that teacher workload is an issue and Barnsley NUT are doing something about it.

In order to move our campaign forward we need evidence from you on exactly what is causing the problem. It is your chance to tell us, in confidence, what creates excessive workload at .  Please spare five minutes to fill in the survey.

Teachers in Nottingham have recently won a Workload Charter which limited the amount of work they are expected to do – we want this for you too!

When we are negotiating a workload charter for Barnsley it is vital we have your specific workload examples.

Please take five minutes to complete the survey.

Please watch and share the five minute video below on documents to support reducing your workload.

Barnsley General Meeting – Workload

Calling all overworked teachers!

Barnsley is a place where change is about to happen…

Come and join local teachers on the 30th March at Shaw Lane Cricket Club to find out what’s going on in Barnsley schools and hear how we are set to move forward to really tackle key drivers of heavy workload. You’ll hear more about the existing progress made, next steps and how you can be in on the process, ensuring it is shaped, not by policymakers – but by those who are really in the know – serving teachers.

Our meeting with the council, headteachers, Barnsley MATs and unions is on Friday 24th March so we will have lots of updates at the meeting. We will also be able to share the results of the member survey so you can compare your own personal workload drivers with the rest of Barnsley.

It all kicks off at 4:30pm with light refreshments to be served. Please come along and meet local colleagues.

See for more information

Happy New Year

Welcome back to the new term and a happy new year to all our members in Barnsley Division. There is a lot to share with you and please keep checking our site for updated events and campaigns. We will soon be coming into schools to work with lots of members and senior leaders to begin to tackle workload issues. We are also talking to the council and our local MP’s about this issue too, so if you would like to get involved please let us know.

The Government have finally announced the school funding cuts and it should probably come as no surprise that they are worse than the NUT and the ATL initially predicted. Please have a look at the school cuts website to see the impact that these will have upon your school. It would be fantastic if you could also email your MP, there is a link to do this via the site, it does all the work for you and literally takes seconds.

Finally we would like to remind you all that you are invited to attend our Annual General Meeting on the 19th January at the Tandoori Hut, Wakefield Road, Barnsley. The event is free and curry will be provided for all those attending. We have a fantastic speaker lined up, Debra Kidd  and Councillor Tim Cheetham will also be attending.

If you would like to attend sign up here and please could you spread the word with other NUT members in your school/workplace.

I hope you have a calm and peaceful start to the new year and look forward to seeing many of you at the AGM.


Nicola Fitzpatrick

Barnsley NUT Division Secretary


Your Pension

Young or old you will hope to get a good pension one day. But you cannot expect everything just to work out. Mistakes do happen. Particularly if you change jobs payments for your pension might not get paid into your account. No matter how young you are you need to check every year that your pension fund is accurate, mistakes have happened and more will.

Pension statements used to be posted out but that has stopped. You can check your details at If you have forgotten passwords etc the site shows you how to get them back.

The NUT also has very useful information on its website:

Pensions do not have to be a future nightmare.



The NUT Education Manifesto

Read and share the manifesto here

The NUT Manifesto- Stand up for education and vote for education.

The general election in 2015 is a perfect opportunity for parents and teachers to vote for education. The NUT’s manifesto makes recommendations for priorities and policies to benefit all children. The NUT are asking that the next government adopts them. Please show the manifesto to friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Click here to find out more about the manifesto and what you can do to support and get involved.